Letting people go, for whatever reason, is difficult. Layoffs are even more difficult since they often involve the termination of people you would otherwise keep in your organization. They also present special challenges, including having a negative impact on morale, creating undesired cultural consequences and even exposing you to liability.

The Advocates can help. We will work with employees you’ve laid off to offer them guidance and training as they embark on their search for a new position. Employees will receive a consultation and interview to help decide appropriate positions and next steps. They also will learn how to craft their résumé into a more powerful marketing document to set them apart in a difficult search environment. They’ll receive coaching on how to present themselves more powerfully in an interview. In many cases, we also may be able to intervene directly, assisting employees in finding their next position. Finally, this process should help restore lost confidence during a difficult time.

For our client, this means offering former employees real assistance during a difficult time, in addition to any severance. The client also gains the knowledge that they are terminating the relationship in the best possible way.

Extending Help To Your Employee

Each employee laid off or otherwise “selected to leave” will receive:

  • Professional career consultation: includes our signature Chronological Behavior-based Interview (CBI) to help candidates assess next steps as well as strengths, weaknesses and best potential career options inside and even outside the law.
  • Résumé drafting and consultation.
  • Extensive interview coaching.
  • Market intelligence: includes identifying opportunities and organizations that might be a good fit and why, learning which firms are hiring, as well as discovering other opportunities outside of the law if that comes up during interview/career coaching session.
  • Representation of the candidate to appropriate current positions, when possible.
  • Proactive marketing of the candidate to other organizations that might opportunistically look to add the right person, when appropriate.
  • Network the candidate with our partner search firms in the rare cases where the candidate is looking to leave the law altogether.

If any candidate is placed through us within the first year, we refund the outplacement fee.

We hope you don’t have to take this drastic step. If you do, we hope to be a resource to you and your former colleagues.


    We have fun, because helping people find meaningful work and helping clients find amazing people while being part of a team is, quite simply, a blast.


    Every year a percentage of our profits and the time and talent of our team is employed in the community, helping our youth, the unemployed, the homeless and others in need.


    We incorporate the principles of honesty and ethics into all our work.


    We respect your need for our availability, for a timely response from us, and for a quick fulfillment of your search and recruitment needs.


    We are trusted advisors, and, as such, always act in the best long-term interest of our clients and candidates.


    We care about our clients and candidates and work to improve their businesses and professional lives.


    We possess a broad and clear understanding of the legal market.  Further, through our unique discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ organizational cultures and goals, and of our candidates’ histories, as well as their personal and professional goals.


    We hold our work-product to the highest standard and collaborate with our clients, candidates and colleagues to reach our shared goals.