Access to Candidates

Our database of tens of thousands of legal professionals provides you access to passive candidates as well as a tremendous referral network.

We identify, source and recruit candidates every day, all year. Unlike posting a job opening, you gain access to every candidate that fully meets your job requirements.

Access to Passive candidates

Most of the candidates we place do not respond to ads or job boards. They will only look at an opportunity that meets certain criteria. Our search process enables us to reach the most highly sought after candidates. In fact, well over 90% of the candidates we place come through our search efforts, referrals and database.


Lower Hiring Costs (By $75,000 – $250,000 per attorney)

We guarantee that you will see no more than three finalists, allowing you to spend more time with your clients and practice. Our clients save an average of 8 – 12 weeks in the hiring process, reducing hiring costs by $50,000 – $225,000. (35 billable hours of work per week x $200 – $550/hour)

46% of new hires fail within 18 months. 89% of these are for attitudinal reasons (Leadership IQ). 90%+ of our placements are still there 2 years later.

Similarly, the Center for American Progress reports that the cost of hiring a professional level employee can be in excess of 219% of their salary. Further, our retention rate for attorney placements is amongst the highest in the industry.


Time savings: (Time to fill and in-process)

Providing you true finalists for your open position means you will never again need to interview more than three finalists. This allows you and your colleagues to focus on your business and your clients rather than pouring over hundreds of resumes and interviewing dozens of candidates who don’t fit.

We save our clients 8-12 weeks in the overall hiring process, getting you the person you need when you and your business need them.



Improved profitability (Better fit = reduced turnover = more profit)

Over 90% of our candidates are still in their positions 2 years later; 80%+ after 5 years, versus industry turnover of 17% per year.

For every 1% swing in employer productivity profits can move by as much as 5%.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that the relationship between employee turnover and organizational productivity is not only negative, but “significant”.

Sources: Randstad NA “A fresh Look at Employee productivity” 1999 and Park, Tae-Youn; Shaw, Jason D. “Turnover rates and organizational performance: A meta-analysis.” 2013





    We have fun, because helping people find meaningful work and helping clients find amazing people while being part of a team is, quite simply, a blast.


    Every year a percentage of our profits and the time and talent of our team is employed in the community, helping our youth, the unemployed, the homeless and others in need.


    We incorporate the principles of honesty and ethics into all our work.


    We respect your need for our availability, for a timely response from us, and for a quick fulfillment of your search and recruitment needs.


    We are trusted advisors, and, as such, always act in the best long-term interest of our clients and candidates.


    We care about our clients and candidates and work to improve their businesses and professional lives.


    We possess a broad and clear understanding of the legal market.  Further, through our unique discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ organizational cultures and goals, and of our candidates’ histories, as well as their personal and professional goals.


    We hold our work-product to the highest standard and collaborate with our clients, candidates and colleagues to reach our shared goals.