Confidentiality, market knowledge, insight and guidance summarize the benefits of working with The Advocates. Making a lateral partner move, or merging your firm with another law firm is a critical decision. We have worked with dozens of partners, groups and firms to help them with this transition. Our process features:

    • Knowledge:
      We have a broad knowledge of the market as we work with a large number of firms and have met with the leadership of these law firms in the markets we serve. Our extensive process to understand you and your practice, including our unique CBI, gives us an edge in helping you view this decision holistically. Our market knowledge assists you in assessing the eventual offer, knowing what to expect in the transition, making comparisons to other firms, etc.
    • Confidentiality:
      First, we work with you to properly identify and limit the number of opportunities to consider. If fewer people are involved, you have a better chance of keeping your search completely confidential. Second, we work directly with leaders of law firms and have established a track record of credibility. This allows us to call, without using your name, and measure if there is true potential for a move to that firm.
    • Unique Assessment and Negotiation tools:
      We offer several unique tools, developed through our experience working with lateral partners, to help you assess your practice accurately. We then work with you and our client firm on negotiating a fair deal, one that represents a win-win outcome for everyone, which leads to a long-term fit.
    • Business Planning and Stakeholder Assessment:
      Where a business plan is appropriate, we will work with you to draft a targeted plan. In the event of a group or firm merger, we work with all of your stakeholders to identify common areas of interest, and goals and areas where conflicting priorities may need to be worked through.

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As a Partner, you also enjoy the other Advantages of Working With The Advocates:

1. Our unique view of the marketplace and understanding of you and your needs.

In order to gain a 360° view of client law firms and corporate legal departments, we work with executive management, team or practice leaders, and administrative and Human Resources professionals. We take our contacts through a proprietary set of questions to help us develop insights into their goals, culture and traits of top performers.

2. Our unique CBI – Chronological Behavior-based Interview helps us to understand you, your career goals and the type of opportunity that presents the best fit.

We use the information above to help you decide where the best potential opportunities are for the next step in your career.

3. Access to opportunities available only through us:

Each year 25%–35% of the placements we make are created through our knowledge of our clients and their strategic goals — not to “open” positions. This means you have access to positions that are not advertised as they are only available through us.

We often know about opportunities before they are advertised.

4. Market Intelligence – We have daily conversations with law firm and corporate leaders that, along with our formal research, have created a tremendous database of market intelligence from what firms are doing and why, to local pay trends, etc.

5. Focus on your practice — not on your next position. By working with you and searching for you we can work together to submit you only to appropriate positions. We take a lot of busy work off your plate, allowing you to focus on your practice.

6. Career Coaching – Our CBI allows us to offer on-going career coaching.

7. Interview Feedback and Coaching – You are a great legal professional — we can help you become a better interviewer.

8. We negotiate salary for you through a unique process that avoids positional bargaining in favor of an approach based on mutually desired outcomes.

This way we are able to inquire about potential opportunities without compromising the confidentiality of your search.


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    We have fun, because helping people find meaningful work and helping clients find amazing people while being part of a team is, quite simply, a blast.


    Every year a percentage of our profits and the time and talent of our team is employed in the community, helping our youth, the unemployed, the homeless and others in need.


    We incorporate the principles of honesty and ethics into all our work.


    We respect your need for our availability, for a timely response from us, and for a quick fulfillment of your search and recruitment needs.


    We are trusted advisors, and, as such, always act in the best long-term interest of our clients and candidates.


    We care about our clients and candidates and work to improve their businesses and professional lives.


    We possess a broad and clear understanding of the legal market.  Further, through our unique discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ organizational cultures and goals, and of our candidates’ histories, as well as their personal and professional goals.


    We hold our work-product to the highest standard and collaborate with our clients, candidates and colleagues to reach our shared goals.