1) Executive Search or “Direct Hire” services for law firms and corporations.

We will send you only 1-3 of pre-qualified finalist(s) for any opening. We’re so confident in our process that if, after meeting with us, you have to interview more than 3 candidates we will actually pay you for that time!

Benefits Include:

  • Access to candidates unavailable through other means: We provide access to passive candidates who don’t respond to ads and are generally happy with their current position by understanding their goals and yours.
  • Improved productivity: We help clients improve productivity and save money through reduced turnover over the long term. Our candidates have a much lower rate of attrition due to our extensive screening.
  • Time and money savings: We save you time and money in the interview process by providing only true finalists for your open positions and fill your open position twelve weeks faster, on average, than when you fill it yourself. Call for a cost benefit analysis.
  • Guaranteed: We back all of our processes by offering our clients the strongest Direct Hire and Temporary staff guarantees in the industry.


2) Retained Search (General Counsel and Lateral Partner Search)


The Advocates’ Retained Search is the right choice for strategic searches when the goal is adding either C-Level legal talent to your corporation or lateral partners or groups of lawyers who align with your firm’s culture and goals. It provides all of the benefits of our regular search services described above but is designed for instances when:

  • There is a small pool of potential applicants and the targeted attorneys are highly valued in their current positions. Aside from making the search more difficult, these factors make the process for successfully recruiting potential applicants critical.
  • You have had difficulty identifying appropriate candidates or successfully recruiting them.
  • You need assistance with differentiating yourself to laterals, because for example, your “story” is not accurately understood in a specific market for laterals.
  • You are looking to add specific skill sets and clients in a defined timeframe.


  • Retaining The Advocates exclusively demonstrates your commitment to potential applicants because potential candidates understand this search is a strategic priority for your firm.
  • Retained Search obligates us to identify, recruit, screen, and present a set number of finalists for the open position within a specific time frame (usually 90 days from the completion of our Search Document).
  • You will receive candidates specifically recruited for the open position. These candidates cannot be presented to other firms unless you pass on them, providing you the opportunity to successfully hire the right person without competing with other firms.
  • Retaining The Advocates is the most cost effective and efficient way for law firms to fill an open position with their “candidate of choice.” We track down all of the leads, interview every candidate, and allow you to focus solely on finalists.
  • We employ proven processes to gain a true understanding of our client’s goals, motivation, culture, and traits of top performers. We utilize this information to identify, successfully recruit, screen, and secure legal talent that will become an integral part of achieving your goals.


Our success in helping firms add laterals and companies add C-Level talent is based on unique methods we have developed for each step of the recruiting and screening process including:

  • Our unique client interview protocol. We interview an average on 12-15 key partners in your organization to generate our Search Document. The resulting Search Document will guide every aspect of our partnership and outline the metrics you seek, your differentiators with regard to attracting laterals, and the traits of your best people and your culture.
  • A distinctive approach to recruiting potential candidates based on an adaptation of Miller-Heiman’s “Strategic Selling” and “Conceptual Selling” methodologies and based on information gathered during our interviews with your firm.
  • Our proprietary CBI (Chronological Behavior-based Interview). We extensively interview candidates over the course of several meetings to gain insight into their career goals, demonstrated traits, and priorities to identify cultural similarities and differences with your firm.
  • A well-defined methodology to manage both the interview and offer phases of the hiring process to ensure the successful recruitment and on-boarding of candidates you are interested in.


3) Outplacement Services

Letting people go, for whatever reason, is always difficult. The Advocates can help with a cost effective outplacement program that provides career counseling, resume consultation, interview coaching and networking opportunities for your former employees.

4) Staff Retention / Interviewing / Compensation Consulting as needed.

We have provided consulting in staff retention, interviewing, law firm marketing and compensation programs to firms of all sizes, from local to international firms.

5) Virtual Associate/Contract Attorney Program:

(Through Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions –

Access pre-screened, top-notch legal professional(s) when your workload requires it — a targeted resource for a specific case(s) or project. Whether you require a single person to cover temporary vacancies or a team of people to help with a large case.

Benefits Include:

  • Savings through flexibility.
  • A targeted resource based on your workflow.
  • Increased revenue and profits for your firm as you bill out your virtual associate’s or paralegal’s time at market rates.
  • You practice law — we provide you with top legal talent.
  • The Advocates is the employer – we take care of all taxes and administrative work. We can invoice you in almost any way you require, charging the work back to different projects for example, via the web, electronic file or in paper format, making it easy and efficient to utilize our services.

6) Virtual In-House Counsel Program:

(Through Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions –

Need help with special projects or heavy workloads? We don’t compete with outside counsel. We provide targeted legal professionals that allow you to keep appropriate work in-house. This can be a single employee or a multi-disciplinary team to work at your company. It is not a turnkey solution. You control and manage the work; we supply legal professionals.


    We have fun, because helping people find meaningful work and helping clients find amazing people while being part of a team is, quite simply, a blast.


    Every year a percentage of our profits and the time and talent of our team is employed in the community, helping our youth, the unemployed, the homeless and others in need.


    We incorporate the principles of honesty and ethics into all our work.


    We respect your need for our availability, for a timely response from us, and for a quick fulfillment of your search and recruitment needs.


    We are trusted advisors, and, as such, always act in the best long-term interest of our clients and candidates.


    We care about our clients and candidates and work to improve their businesses and professional lives.


    We possess a broad and clear understanding of the legal market.  Further, through our unique discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ organizational cultures and goals, and of our candidates’ histories, as well as their personal and professional goals.


    We hold our work-product to the highest standard and collaborate with our clients, candidates and colleagues to reach our shared goals.