The Advocates is a search firm serving the legal industry. We provide targeted legal search and recruiting services and work with top legal professionals, law firms and corporations in all areas of law.

  • Legal Search/Executive Search/Direct Hire Services
  • Retained Search/Groups/Mergers
  • Market Intelligence/Consulting
  • Contract Attorneys

More than your typical legal search firm or legal search engine, our process, industry knowledge and insight, and guarantees put us in the unique position to find you the right candidate or position—the first time.



We help our Clients:

  • Gain access to every potential candidate: Our unique search approach, full time researcher and our database of over 20,000 legal professionals allow us to attract every potential candidate for your search. Read how
  • Better Matching and Retention through our unique client and candidate diligence leads to much lower turnover and greater productivity. Read about our process here
  • Save time and money in the hiring process with our guarantee to send only true finalists and beyond the initial hire through a more thorough screening process and improved retention. See how
  • Broad-based market insights and a variety of customizable approaches that assist our clients improve productivity, revenue and profitability.
  • Consulting services in the areas of compensation, improving retention and recruiting/screening for our search clients


We help our candidates:

  • Through our unique view of the marketplace and understanding of you and your needs we can assist you in making the best possible choices for a long term satisfying career. Read more
  • Access to opportunities available only through us. Each year 25%-35% of our placements are created through our knowledge of our clients and their strategic goals.
  • Gain market intelligence in areas including pay, work-life balance, cultural trends in law firms and corporate legal departments, etc.
  • Remain confidential and focus on your current role and clients: We submit you to a handful of preselected, appropriate positions taking busy work off your plate.  We work directly with law firm and corporate leaders, and make discreet inquiries, without using your name. This way we are able to inquire about potential opportunities without compromising the confidentiality of your search. Read more…
  • Career planning and resume and interview coaching



We guarantee both the process and our results for our clients with money back guarantees. We guarantee that we will save you time in filling open positions and then guarantee any direct hire placement for a year.  Learn more about our guarantees.



The Advocates is continuing to grow and expand to new markets. We are always interested in talented people to join our team. Find out more.


    We have fun, because helping people find meaningful work and helping clients find amazing people while being part of a team is, quite simply, a blast.


    Every year a percentage of our profits and the time and talent of our team is employed in the community, helping our youth, the unemployed, the homeless and others in need.


    We incorporate the principles of honesty and ethics into all our work.


    We respect your need for our availability, for a timely response from us, and for a quick fulfillment of your search and recruitment needs.


    We are trusted advisors, and, as such, always act in the best long-term interest of our clients and candidates.


    We care about our clients and candidates and work to improve their businesses and professional lives.


    We possess a broad and clear understanding of the legal market.  Further, through our unique discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ organizational cultures and goals, and of our candidates’ histories, as well as their personal and professional goals.


    We hold our work-product to the highest standard and collaborate with our clients, candidates and colleagues to reach our shared goals.